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Course Guides

Each guide has its own unique look. From the rustic to the more refined, these course guides are designed to provide an attractive, accurate and easy to understand plan of each hole and green to help shave a few strokes off your game.

Many golfers are now looking to expensive technology to work out how far they are from the hole.   My guides, at only a fraction of the price, provide just as much detail, perhaps even more.  In addition to the standard carry and runout distances off the tee and distances into the green, they also detail the intricacies of each green including distances to surrounding hazards, plus all necessary slopes, ridges and contours.  They also make a nice keepsake for visitors to the club. 

Course guides can be tailored to the clients needs, but typically comprise 18 green drawings, 18 hole drawings and legend.  Historical notes, instructions, scorecards or other sketches can also be included.


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